Raja Waqas Birds

Assalam O Alikum and Very warm welcome @ Raja Waqas Birds

 We specialise in Parakeet. We maintain a vast selection in stock assisted by our ongoing breeding programme. We have own an aviary which we use for breeding and selling different birds.

All the babies we are selling are bred by us, therefore the ages can be guaranteed. Having good breeding experience we can also tell a healthy bird. We also have the experience and knowledge  to sort out the right bird for your needs. Besides we also provide bird cages, food, toys and healthcase services for your birds.

Our Supplies

  • Bird Cages
  • Bird Feed
  • Bird Healthcare
  • Bird Accessories
  • Bird Supplements

If you have any questions about our bird cages you should be more than welcome to contact our customer service department. They will be delighted to help you. We assure you frindly, quick and satisfactory service.

We are based at Islamabad, Pakistan.